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The making of ... Shae'La

The sample model used as the starting point for these tutorials was created using Creature Creator Pro. This reduced the character modeling time down from weeks and months, to just a half hour or so. Download links are provided for all the required samples and models, so you don't need to have CC-Pro to use the tutorials. If you enjoy having a wide variety of characters though, and don't have all the spare time to needed to create your own from scratch, this program can be a great help.

These tutorials begin after the model has been created though, so although the beginning tutorials occassionally refer to CC-Pro, they are intended to provide general information that can be used no matter what the source of your starting model. They are a guide on how to create poseable, Poser-ready figures, so it will be helpful to have Poser itself. Just the basic Poser 4.03 is assumed, and the ProPack or Poser 5 is not needed.

The following tutorials are self-contained, so individual tutorials will have the links to download all the required files. Some tutorials build on previous ones, so if you do skip ahead, you may need to back up a step or two and download the previously completed information.

If you're the impatient type, or are just curious about the final results of all this activity, you can download the latest, greatest completed version of Shae'La at the bottom of the page. These tutorials are an evolving project, and additional details will continue to be added as new possibilities and/or questions arise. Refer to the What's New page to see what has recently been added, but the latest available version will always be accessible through the link at the bottom.

On to the tutorials then...

Quick Start

This section covers the basics of converting a raw, 3D character model, into a poseable Poser character. Once you understand

There are two main ways to do this.

The first method is to create the Poser character by hand using the Grouping tool and the Hierarchy Editing Window.

The second method involves using .phi files to do the conversion for you.

If you've never used any of these features before, the step-by-step tutorials can take about a half hour. Once you are familiar with the basic steps though, you will be able to take a character model and create a poseable character in under six minutes.

Joint Editing

Although Poser does provide default joint setup information, it's haphazard at best. In some cases it may have been difficult for them to come up with default settings that would work in all cases, but in other areas, it's just down-right buggy!

If you just have a one-off need to drop a quick character into the background of your scene, then the Quick Start section above is probably enough. If you plan on continued use of the figure, or want to use it more prominently in your scene, then you will likely want to fine-tune the bending operations.

(coming soon)

Adding Extra Body Parts

Not all 3D body designs will have the standard Poser layout. For example, CC-Pro allows you to mix and match different parts for ears, eyes, mouth and nose, and so has additional body parts for each. On the other side, the CC-Pro torso has only a Hip and Chest, and doesn't have the standard Poser or DAZ layouts for Hip, Abdomen, Chest, Collars and Buttocks. Basic posing will still work with the reduced body part list, but splitting the larger Stomach and UpperBody into

This tutorial will cover modifying the Body part list to allow for much greater flexibility during pose operations.

(UV-Mapper, Hi-Res Plus)

Texture Layout

Texture mapping and body-part regrouping using UV-Mapper and Hi-Res Plus

Creating Body Morphs

Chest Morphs - Using Poser Magnets

Adding Facial Expressions

Facial Morphs - Using trueSpace Facial Animator

Morph Injection Channels

Adding Morph Injection channels

The Latest, Greatest Shae'La

This page contains information and download links to the the latest, greatest version of Shae'La.

The above tutorials cover the individual steps used to create Shae'La from a raw model, but if you want to cheat and leap ahead to see the finished product, this is where to find the latest completed revisions.

On the Latest, Greatest Shae'La downloads page.

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