Shae'La Downloads

Shae'La Version 04e uploaded on June 6th, 2003

The download contains all the latest sample and support files, including obj's, cr2's, and magnets. As specific areas are revised, they will be offered as separate add-on downloads in the following list.

Individual category downloads:

  • Source obj's
  • Completed cr2's
  • Texture shade maps
  • trueSpace Talking Head definitions
  • Chest Morph Magnet Sets

Joint the dke - CCPro mailing list if you would like to be notified as additional samples and support files become available.

Creature Creator Pro

If you like to have to a large variety of personlized character's, check out this program. There's 400+ different body-parts, and you mix and match them to create your own customized and unique creatures. Try the link below to get the demo.

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