Shaz II Update

This is a free update to the Shazam custom character. You WILL need to have the original Shazam character for this update to be of any use.

This update adds two main features to the Shazam character

1) A Head resizing option. The original Shazam character had a Head to Body ratio of roughly 1:5, which was as intended for the Toon genres that Shaz was originally created for. Several other Toon-style genres use different Head to Body ratios, and as several user's have expressed interest in using Shaz in these art forms as well, we have attempted to increase her versatility for use in these areas. The head resizing morph-set will allow you to modify the head size to suit you particular preference without the usual 'squishing' problems associated with using the standard scaling dials. Joint-setting pose files have been included to support  some commoly requested head ratios, and others will be added upon request.

2) Head morph scaling dials. These new dials allow you to modify the 'strength' of entire sets of head morph dials. For example, the "Scale Head Shape" dial will increase or decrease the strength of all nose, eye, lip, ethnicity, and other head-shape related morphs. The "Scale Head Expression" dial will increase or decrease the strength of all expression related morphs such as smiling or frowning. This was intended for use with the above head resizing option but can also be very useful for other purposes, such as using standard Vicky face files with Shaz, as you can strengthen all the morph settings with a single dial, rather than having to increase each dial setting manually.

download it now unzip into the main main Poser directory with the "create sub-folders" option. The zip includes the proper sub-folder information for the included files. This update will over write some of the existing script files in the Geometries/mgToon/scriptsV1 folder. If you have made changes to the scripts in this folder, you may want to make a copy of the folder first just for backup purposes. The update will NOT overwrite or change any of the morphs you have added to the Addin-UserXXXX.pz2 scripts.

This is a newly released free update. All efforts have been made to test it, but if you should have any problems, please feel free to email and we will resolve the situation as quickly as possible.