DMesh Lite Download

Dmesh Lite has been released as an evaluation version. This is a full, working copy of version 1.01 of DMesh, with no built-in limitations to modeling, exporting or other program features. You may register DMesh Lite for free for personal and non-commercial use, but you must register it if you wish to use the program past the evaluation period.

DMesh is NOT a public domain offering!

As such you may use it for a short period for evaluation purposes, but after that time you must register if you wish to continue using it. The registration for private, non-commercial use of DMeshLite is free, but you must register if you wish to use it past the evaluation period. For commercial use or public distribution purposes, you will need to upgrade to the registered version of DMesh 2 or DMesh 3. Please see the included license.txt and register.txt files for additional information.

In  summary, the following restrictions apply to using this evaluation copy of DMesh.

1) You may freely use the product for evaluation purposes for a period of 30 days. If you honestly require an extended evaluation period then feel free to email and further arrangements can be discussed. After the evaluation period you must register the software or remove all copies.

2) You MAY NOT use this evaluation version of DMesh for commercial gain of any kind! Including but not limited to, from any images containing models created using this software, from models created with this product, from models created with this product and subsequently modified by another program, or from any other output from this program.

3) You may NOT distribute models or derivative works of models, made with this evaluation copy of DMesh, without express written consent.

The above restrictions do not apply to registered user's of DMesh. For information on registering DMesh and/or additional information regarding the current status of the DMesh II version, please send email to the address on the Contacts page

DMesh Executables and Documentation

This is a fully functional demonstration version of the DMesh 1.01 release. There are no intentionally disabled menu items or nag screens, and it is provided purely for evaluation purposes. Should your evaluation find the product useful and you wish to continue using it, then you must register the product.

A great deal of testing has gone into ensuring that this release is crash proof, but saving your work often is a prudent and time saving measure!

DMesh Version I (650K) The Windows 95+ executables and documentation files.

This program accesses a number of MicroSoft supplied dll's, but does not contain them within this archive. These should already exist in the windows/system directory on win95+ systems, but if you are missing any, they can be obtained from the MicroSoft download site, or contact me for further assistance.

(Note: If you are unzipping from the command line, use the -d switch. They will create their own respective sub-directories, so unzip into the main program directory. If you have used and/or modified any of the previous samples, it would be best to move your revised versions to a different sub-directory, as these dl's may overwrite previous samples, documentation and/or tutorial files.)