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What's New

The official release of DMesh version 1.00 was released November 1st, 2000 as scheduled! Go Figure. Many thanks to all the people who pre-registered, and be assured that your suggestions have been placed at the top of the current development plan.

The current selection of tutorial's is also being expanded to cover the requested topics, and a new Using DMesh with... section is being developed.

Using DMesh with POV-Ray was the first of these sets, although it doesn't really have a specific section all it's own. The majority of the images on this site were created using POV-Ray, and the exact source code has been provided where possible. Now that DMesh has been officially released, all the POV-Ray specific comments and suggestions are being collected into their own section along with a FAQ.

Using DMesh with Poser is the second of these sets. Although I have only been using it for a few weeks and so the current selection is somewhat limited, look for it to grow over the next little while. Several props are in the works as well as some Tips and Tricks for getting DMesh models into Poser. Many of the Poser-ready props and replacement body parts will also be released through the Renderosity site, but the source DMesh models and conversion information will be made available here.

There are also up-coming sections on using Dmesh with BMRT and Blender. At the moment, I personally don't have enough experience with these products to provide true in-sider knowledge, but what I do have is being organized. In the meantime feel free to request the info via email, or perhaps even offer whatever expertise you may wish to share. Once there is sufficient information to warrant their own area's, new section's will be added to the site.

Last but not least, development continues! Many thanks to all the people who have offered comments and suggestions, and especially to all those who went so far as to pre-register. With the continuing growth in the interest level, it would appear the need and desire for such a program is much wider spread than I had anticipated. There are many exciting new features in the development pipe-line, so many thanks to the registered user's who helped sort this list into a user's point of view.