POV-Ray scene files for DMesh models

A number of the scene files used to create the sample images have been converted to POV-Ray format. I am a relative newbie to POV-Ray, so my texturing ability is somewhat minimal. Hopefully, experienced POV-Ray user's will enjoy creating some more entertaining textures.

Escher Ribbon Set

Mrs. Grinch


(Original Version)

(Current POV-Ray Version)

Plus The Eye

(used in the above head models)

(Download POV-Ray scne files)

Instructions for using the POV scene files

The zip contains a main POVtest folder, with each scene file in a separate folder below. The eye object is in the folder call dk-libs, (my personal object library folder,) and is used by the two head models. The eye object is a simple textured sphere, and so there is no DMesh file. There is .pov file should you wish to modify the eyeball texture information.

Each of the scene folders contains a .pov file, as well as a varying number of EMPTY .inc files. These .inc files are referenced explicitly by the .pov file, and will eventually contain the exported mesh information. They were emptied to reduce file download times, and should be replaced/overwritten using the DMesh Export options.

Each of these models has a WordPad file (in the same directory as the model, not the POV-Ray scenes,) that describes the generic export process in detail. Follow these directions for exporting the skin and various overlay layers, but make sure to export to the associated POV scene folder, and overwrite the empty .inc files. The inc file names contain fairly descriptive text such as Leg, Hair, Teeth, Lips etc, so it should not be hard to follow. If it is, email me and I will try to arrange things more clearly.

There are a LOT of overlay layer's in the head models, and the entire export process can be somewhat tedious the first time, but after that it's fairly straightforward. Usually a matter of making small changes to something like the eyelids, exporting just that layer, and then rendering the scene.

(Anyone up for a "POV-Ray Skin and Eye Texture" competition?)