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The following links to Model Sets contain the DMesh definition files only, and do not contain any specific mesh information. You will need to download the DMesh program in order to create the mesh data. These samples are also available directly from the download page.

(Note: These images were created in 24 bit color. If viewed at 16 bit or lower color depths, they may appear slightly darker than the originals.)

Product Overview

DMesh model file

August 2000 Sample Models

What's His Name

Fish Eyed Thingy

Shyster Shylock

DMesh model files (15K)
MegaPOV source files (135K)

(includes all bumpmaps/etc.) 

July 2000 Images
DMesh model files (8K)
MegaPOV source files

March 2000 Images
Included is a fully detailed male arm, a set of male legs, and an alien head.

Model Set III

December 1999 Images

Solar Corona


Fire Flames

These images illustrate the new Point Cloud export options for use with the POV-Ray Media structures. Download the POV-Ray Media Set I (65K) for these samples. The download includes all the POV-Ray source files, the df3 density files, the image maps, and the DMesh definition files. You can modify and regenerate any of these at your leisure. 

November 1999 Images

Escher Ribbon Set

Mrs. Grinch


The models used to create the Nov 99 images are available as Model Set II (20K)

POV-Ray scene files have also been added for the Nov 99 models. 

October 1999 Images

Thing in the Mirror

Snow Elf - Tar Bender

Snow Elf - Bouncer

The models used to create the Oct 99 images are available as Model Set I (20K)

Historical Image Gallery (1996 - 1998)