DMesh Sample Models

(August 2000)

The following three monster head models are all based on the same head template. Different aspects of the basic musculature template were accentuated or otherwise modified to achieve the different looks. Specific details are listed beside each model, and you can download the models at the bottom of the page. The rendering source files used to create these images are also provided (MegaPOV format)

What's His Name

The Jaw was modified to give a bony appearance, the Chin was heavily accentuated for a cleaved looked, and the Cheek muscles were made more prominent. The Nose and Nostrils were widened, and a ridge was added along the top of the nose and up into the forehead.

Fish-Eyed Thingy

The Forehead was arched around the eyeballs, and the eyelids were replaced with point muscles for a more googly look. Some tendenous ridges were added across the face and Nose, and a few stringers dangled from the Cheek.

Shyster Shylock

The lower Jaw was reduced and some pointiness added to give the weak chin look. The Nose was made pointier, and folds were added to the Eyelids (these are more noticeable in the larger image)

DMesh model files only (15K)

MegaPOV rendering source files (135K)

  • Includes the DMesh models,

  • MegaPOV source code for the above images,

  • Bump and wrinkle image maps,

  • Step by step instructions on preparing the meshes for MegaPOV.