DMesh Sample Models

(September 2000)

The following interpretation illustrates the use of DMesh to create a basic look, and then applying a few simple refinements to the model to produce a different look. This particular example is meant to illustrate adding aging effects to this model, although the same basic technique will work equally well with any model created in DMesh. 

The model itself was a fairly straight forward variant on one of the standard female face templates. 
A little bit of aging added to the above model. The model was slightly revised to provide the sagging eyelid wrinkles and ligaments were added around the nose area. Then the mouth muscles were thinned and the hair style was slightly modified. 

Finally, a wrinkle map was created in DMesh (see the "Wrinkles" layer,) and exported as a grey-scale TGA image map. This was used as a guideline for further revisions in an image processing program to add additional wrinkle lines, blurring and other artifacts. 

"Old Age"

DMesh model files for both heads (15K)

MegaPOV scene and texture source files (90K)

    Includes the DMesh models, 

    MegaPOV source code for the above images, 

    Bump and wrinkle image maps, 

    Step by step instructions on preparing the meshes for MegaPOV.