Dmesh Image and Model Samples

Latest Releases - November 1999

The archived image samples can be accessed from the Gallery Page

Escher Ribbon Set.

A tribute to one of my favorite artists. The individual body parts are freely available to all registered user's, and adding the ribbons is a 5 minute excersize in using the overlay layer's to create repeating ribbons instead of clothes.

Title: Mrs. Grinch

My first attempt at creating a model reflecting the form of a well know non-North American artistic style. Unfortunately, she turned out looking more like Mrs. Grinch!

However, I always thought Mr. Grinch might not be so grouchy all the time if he had a pretty wife, so I thought I'd post it anyways. <g>

Title: CanAnime

Short for "My Canadianized version of Japanese Anime".

Getting better, although perhaps a little toothy. Any Anime modelling experts out there?