Using DMesh with Poser

Poser Props 

Coming Soon The Making of... tutorials. These mini-tutorial's will take you step by step through making each of these models. Each tutorial should take less than a half hour to complete, and will result in the exact models as shown below. You can check back to see when they become available, or join the DMesh Poser Props email list to be notified when they have been posted.

Horn with Thickness Morph Target

This Prop was originally created for a specific request for a horn for a Poser Model. The original model was much thicker at the base, and so was requested to make it a little thinner and longer. This is the finished Prop, which was made much thinner but includes a Morph dial for Thickness. 

There are three separate texture sections included. One for the basic Horn shape, a second for the ridges up the front, and a third for the two outer ridges that bound the center bumps. 

The Poser Prop (180K) The Prop contains both the right and the left horns. They will appear slightly above the head, then you can reposition them to fit the particular person/head you are using. Unzip into the main Poser directory, and it will create the necessary DMesh folder(s) in the Geometry and Props directories. 

The DMesh Files (2K) (It's true! Don't blink, or you'll be forced to dl it a second time just to be sure!)


Shields and Dagger

Shield 01

A shield prop. There is a back plate that could be colored with a wood texture, or in this case a procedural painting. There is also center spike and two metal rings. The five ribs hold the whole thing together. 

Download The Poser Prop (33K)

Shield 02

The same shield with some additional details. Note the ridges on the outer and middle rings. These were created by simply increasing the repeat value for the height curve. In this case, the repeat value was set at fifteen to provide a number 'spikes' to these two rings. 

Download The Poser Prop (46K)

The Shaken Shield

The Shaken Shield. A similar variant on the above shield. The back plate and outer rings were removed, and the center spike was rounded. The ribs were then 'sharpened' and curved a bit. 

Download The Poser Prop (49K)

The Dagger

The Dagger. 

Download The Poser Prop (43K)

Download the DMesh models (4K) It didn't really seem worth it to make a separate zip for every model, so the three shields and the dagger are all in the same zip. 

Coming soon... Horns, legs, armor... You tell me...