This Gallery is a brand new project but is a continuously evolving effort, so please check back periodically. There have been requests for additional information about certain images, so I am busy writing some "...the making of..." tutorials. Feel free to contact us about your own favorite(s) and I will be sure to add your vote to the most-wanted list. The tutorials will allow you to faithfully duplicate the images, and where the scene uses public domain models, or ones wholly created and owned by myself, there will be links to the original models and/or textures.
Awaiting the Game

Have to say I'm sure I must have stepped on grass a million or more times, but never fully appreciated just how much grass there is in a tiny, little square foot. Ended up having to include numerous copies of the original grass strand model to get the density required for such a close-up shot. Made it a bit schizophrenic as to which direction the grass is leaning, but I think the overall effect is quite respectable. 

Fortunately the model uses our Super-Strand ribbon texturing technology, so getting the individual grass strands to stand out and/or be individually colored was a snap. 

Half-Elf Princess

An attempt at creating a 'realistic' looking render of a humanoid face.


This is a fairly typical arched-back pose. 

The first frame shows the results using the default female model from the Poser 4 release. 

The second frames shows the same model but using our Tummy Morph dials to add some rounding to the upper abdomen and lower tummy areas. 

The third frame shows the same model after using the HiRes program on it. This is just a single subdivision step, but even this minimal use produces a very noticeable difference. In the first two frames the polygon corners are painfully apparent, but in the third frame, after applying just a single subdivision step, the visual appearance is dramatically enhanced. 

Standard Posette Model

applying the dke Tummy Morphs

after using HiRes