The HiRes program was officially released on July 12th 2002 so there has been very few questions asked so far, never mind any frequently asked ones. If and when there are questions of that nature then this is the proper place to be browsing for the answers. In the meantime I have added a few Q&A's of general interest. You can check back periodically to browse this section, or you can join the HiRes email list on the contacts page and you will be automatically notified of major additions to this site.

Q: Can I get a demo of this program to see exactly what it does?
A: Certainly! Refer to the Downloads page.
Q: Is there a Mac version of this program?
A: At present there is only a PC version, but a Mac version is under consideration.
Q: Will you be creating a User area so we can see what other people are doing with the program?
A: Absolutely! Both a user image gallery and an area for people who wish to share their models.
Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: Certainly! See the Contacts page for email information